About us

Magic Waste Management Solutions is a BC company based in Vancouver. We provide innovative solutions to residential, commercial, and institutional buildings with a green initiative such as reducing carbon footprint.

Many buildings show problems with their garbage and recycling facilities such as poor hygiene, inefficient collection, and overflowing garbage, etc. They are some of the reasons why we are introducing an innovative solution that works for everybody and the environment.


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Smart Senor

Smart Sensors in garbage bins and dumpsters allow us to keep track of the capacity and mitigate risk of issues such as overflowing.

Optimized Route

With Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), our fleet or garbage collection units can have optimized routes to garbage bins that are almost full.


When the garbage bin reaches a certain fullness, a notification will be automatically sent as a reminder.

Let's work together

Every¬†one of our team members is devoted to optimize your building’s garbage facilities.

Charlie Wong

Chief Executive Officer

Derek Tse

Operations Manager

Irene Wong

Office Manager

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